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Carthusia I Profumi di Capri Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne
Carthusia Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne
Carthusia I Profumi di Capri Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne

Carthusia - embodies the scents of Capri


Legend has it that the history of Carthusia begins in 1380, when Joan of England, Queen of Sicily announced her visit to the monastery of San Giacomo. In a hurry, the abbot picked a large bouquet of the most beautiful flowers of the monastery garden and the island.

Three days later, after the queen had left, the monks took the bouquet out of the vase and were amazed of the pleasant smell of the flower water.

The abbot passed it on to a brother of the monastery who was familiar with alchemy and who examined it to find the cause of the pleasant smell.


Several hundred years after, in 1948, the abbot at the time discovered the old records of his predecessor and, with the Pope's permission, passed them on to a chemist from Piedmont who built the smallest perfume laboratory in the world and called it "Carthusia" - the Latin expression for the Charterhouse.


The fragrances reflect the typical landscape and flora of Capri.

They are still produced by hand using traditional craftsmanship.


Selected fragrances, soaps and powders from Carthusia are available at your Perfume Art Shop Holger Dubben - specialist shop for extraordinary fragrances and exclusive cosmetics - in Cologne.


Our highlight: "Capri Forget Me Not" - citrus fruits, eucalyptus, figs - fresh as the summer in Capri

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