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Etat Libre d'Orange Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne
Etat Libre d'Orange Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne

La Liberté a son parfum. - Freedom has its own fragrance.


Etat Libre d'Orange was founded in 2006 by Etienne de Swardt, who was born in South Africa, more precisely in the Orange Free State.

Freedom, also in the creation of the perfumes of his fragrance house, is always his first priority.

So it was only natural for him to name his "Maison" after his birthplace, which literally already has freedom in its name.


Etienne has made it his mission to push the boundaries of classic perfumery. The perfumers he commissiones have no limitations whatsoever in terms of raw materials, costs and ideas. This always results in very unusual, sometimes almost artistically experimental, but always wearable fragrances.


Etat Libre, with its portfolio of today more than 30 fragrances from high-ranking "noses", covers almost all fragrance families and fragrance preferences, and yet limitations are still intentionally crossed repeatedly, for example with the controversially discussed fragrance "Secretions Magnifiques", which is intended to imitate the smell of body fluids (blood, saliva, sperm, adrenaline) or the perfume "She was an Anomaly", which was created with the help of a computer program using artificial intelligence.


Come along on a surprising journey.

Perfume is dead - long live perfume!


The fragrances and scented candles by Etat Libre d'Orange are available at your Perfume Art Shop Holger Dubben - specialist shop for extraordinary fragrances and exclusive cosmetics - in Cologne.


Our highlight: "Fat Electrician" - the fat electrician with his characteristic, semi-modern vetiver note

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