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Olfactive Studio Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne
Olfactive Studio Perfumery Duftkunsthandlung Cologne

With 'Olfactive Studio', founder Céline Verleure has created a unique combination of photography and fragrance.

Originally, she wanted to become an architect, but after studying marketing strategies she ended up with Pierre Broc, who was responsible for the fragrances of the House of Kenzo. Together with other perfumers she developed Kenzo Jungle and l'Eau par Kenzo. She is also responsible for the internet platform 'Osmoz' created for perfume lovers.


Another passion of Céline is traveling. She has learnt Japanese calligarphy in Tokyo, has lived in India for a few months and has spent two years in Rio de Janeiro, where she was importing French wines at that time. But she has never lost her love for perfumery. So she created an online blog and with the input from her online community (consisting of more than 5.600 fans) she created her brand 'Olfactive Studio'.


Olfactive Studio combines two arts in an unusual way: photography and perfumery.

In the beginning there is the picture, a striking, expressive work of an artist. Then Céline brings together the photographer with a perfumer, so that both of them can translate the message and impact of the photo into a fragrance.


Every fragrance by Olfactive Studio comes with the corresponding photo, so you can enter a new world with your eyes and your nose and discover its richness.

(The background of this website is the photographical inspiration for the fragrance "Panorama")


The fragrances by Olfactive Studio are available at your Perfume Art Shop Holger Dubben - specialist shop for extraordinary fragrances and exclusive cosmetics - in Cologne.


Our highlight: "Close Up" - cherries, green coffee, spices, tobacco and patchouli - a fragrance to get closer

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