Omnia Profumi is a luxury perfume house based in Milan, Italy


Founder and owner Fabrizio Tagliacarne comes from a family of jewellers. The involvement with gemstones and precious metals was, so to speak, in his blood. It is therefore not surprising that the fragrances of his company are named thereafter. But they have not only given the fragrances their names, they have also been the inspiration for the corresponding creations.


The gemstone collection had been created to take the brilliance, color and shine of gemstones to another level. It requires a high level of craftsmanship to process gemstones in such a way that their color and brilliance are brought out to their best possible extent. At the same time, the fragrances of this collection are also small treasures that show off their different facets in many ways.


The precious metal collection picks up the second component of precious jewellery. What would a gemstone be without the appropriate setting that makes it wearable and presentable in the first place? Metals also require craftsmanship - that of the goldsmith, who with patience and precision shapes the metal into the appropriate form. Metal is a good conductor of heat - at first it seems to be cold, but with proper contact it snuggles up to the body and retains the warmth. In the same way, Omnia Profumi fragrances cuddle up to the wearer's body.


Omnia Profumi is playing preferably with spices and vanilla. Fans of gourmand fragrances are in perfect hands with this brand.


The fragrances of Omnia Profumi are available at your Perfume Art Shop Holger Dubben - specialist shop for extraordinary fragrances and exclusive cosmetics - in Cologne.


Our highlight: "Diamante" - saffron (diamond of spices) in a bed of cashmere and amber wood

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